Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some resources to know for searching in Norway!

Dis Norge-Norwegian Resources online:
[Aust-Agder] - [Buskerud] - [Finnmark] - [Hedmark] - [Hordaland] - [Møre og Romsdal] - [Nordland] - [Nord-Trøndelag] - [Oppland] - [Oslo/Akershus] - [Rogaland] - [Sogn og Fjordane] - [Sør-Trøndelag] - [Telemark] - [Troms] - [Vest-Agder] - [Vestfold] - [Østfold] - [Svalbard]
(Click on one of the fylker listed above and you will be sent to the page with all the resources for that area of Norway that are online)
Searching the 1865, 1875 and 1900 censuses for Norway:
(Less is better when searching this census, use Joh for John/Johan and Pe for Petersen/Pedersen/Pedersd)

Free 1880 Census records of Norwegians in the 1880 census records:
Norwegians in Dakota according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Illinois according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Iowa according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Kansas according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Michigan according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Minnesota according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Nebraska according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Wisconsin according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Texas according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Nevada according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Hampshire accord. to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Jersey according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Mexico according to 1880 Census emnenr=&aar=&dagens=&fylkenr=21
Less is better when searching these records, for example, lets search for John Nysetvold who we know was born in Norway 1850 and lives in Minnesota. We will click on Norwegians in Minnesota 1880. Instructions:
1-Under A, click on the down arrow and you get a new menu, scroll down and choose Last name
2-Under B, click on the down arrow and you get a new menu, scroll down and choose contains
3-Under C, type in Nyset and then click search, you will get a new page
4-On that page are two names: (It is Mother and son)
Given name Last name Sex Age Occupation Birth place Father birth place Mother birth place Page Circuit County State
78952 John Nysetvold m 30 N N N 273 Fossum Polk Minnesota
78953 Kari Nysetvold f 56 mo widow N N N 273 Fossum Polk Minnesota
Click on the number to the left of John's name and you will see who their neighbors are in the 1880 census. They are actually living in Norman County of Minnesota, BUT Norman County was not in existence until 1882.

Norwegian Churchbooks online:
Choose English at the top of the page. Then on the left side choose "User's guide" and it will give you instructions on how to use the records. When you get into the actual records, the instructions below should help you with saving the information to your computer or sending the permanent page site to someone to help with translation of record.

Instructions for Reading Norwegian Churchbooks and to Bookmark them:
The links to the scanned images on the Digitalarkivet Churchbooks can be copied and pasted from the actual page from the display option available. At the top of the scanned image page is the option labeled Bildeinformasjon: (Norwegian version)/Image Information (English version( which is set to Ingen (Norwegian version) and means None in English. There are 3 choices and of the three choices I like Øverst (Norwegian version) which means On Top in English because it puts the information across the top of the page and is easier to see.
The first line Kildeinformasjon: (Norwegian version)/Source information (English version) is a really nice summary of the source of the information and is wonderful to have for making detailed source citations, footnotes, etc.
The second line Permanent sidelenke: (Norwegian version)/Permanent pagelink (English version) is the best line to capture if you want to save the exact URL location or share the actual scanned image and the source information. It allows the full capabilities for zooming in and out to best view the image and informs the recipient of the exact location, book and other details to be able to find the place you found the information.
The third line Permanent bildelenke: (Norwegian version)/Permanent imagelink (English version) is the one to use to print a copy of the image or to save a copy of the image in jpg format. This line will not capture the source information and therefore is not the line to copy to share online when requesting help or assistance in translating the image found.

Information and Search on Cemeteries in Norway (Choose English)

Instructions for searching the Emigrants from Trondheim database (Norwegian version):
(Example: You are searching for Petra Stavset who left Norway in 1882)

First, Go here: (Norwegian Version) EMITROND&spraak=n&metanr=1396

1. Type in 1882 in the blank box.
2. To the left of the blank box you typed information into, are two pull-down menus. Click on the one that says Posttype (Rec. class.) and hold your mouse on there till you see many variables, go to År (Year) and let go.
3.Next go to the next pull down box to the right of it and hold your mouse on it and click, let go at Inneheld (Contains).
4.Then click on Søk (Search). A new page will come up and it will tell you that 6,689 people left in 1882.
5.A new search box shows up below your original search box, type in Petr in the blank box.
6. In the left drop-down box, click on it till you get to fornavn (first name), then let go. Next go to the next pull down box to the right of it and hold your mouse on it and click, let go at børjar på (starts with). Click Søk (Search).
7.You will get a new page with all the first names that start with Petr.
8.A new search box shows up under your other two search boxes, type in St in the blank, where it says Posttype (Rec. class.) click on it and choose etternamn (last name) and in the next box, click on it and choose børjar på (starts with) (you never know what name they used or how they spelled it in the records, so less is better).
9.Then click on Søk (Search). You will get a new page!
10. On it you will find three names, Stavset, Strinden and Størset. Click on the blue number to the left side of Petra. You will get a new page showing Petra Stavset in the Emigrant records and all the other people who were leaving at the same time as her.
English version of the Trondheim Emigration list: EMITROND&spraak=e&metanr=1396

Special Norwegian characters:
(Here's how you type those special Norwegian characters on your computers)
For Mac Users
å = Alt/Option Key and a
Å = Alt/Option Key and A with Shift down
æ = Alt/Option Key and apostrophe
Æ = Alt/Option Key and apostrophe with shift down
ø = Alt/Option Key and o
Ø = Alt/Option Key and O with Shift down

Installing Norwegian Keyboard (Windows users)
1. Choose Start - Settings - Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Keyboard icon.
3. Click on Language tab.
4. Click on Add.
5. From Add Language drop-down list, choose Norwegian (Bokmal).
6. Click OK.
7. Click Apply. [You may need to insert your Windows disk]
8. Click OK to finish.

With Num Lock "on", hold down Alt key and type using your numeric keypad (not number keys at top of keyboard)
Alt 0216 = Ø
Alt 0248 = ø
Alt 0198 = Æ
Alt 0230 = æ
Alt 0197 = Å
Alt 0229 = å
Alt 0214 = Ö
Alt 0246 = ö

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Norman County, Minnesota

Obituary Look-Up Policy 2011

Norman County Genealogy Society members volunteer their time to provide obituary look-ups. Obituary collections are available at the following sites in Norman County: Log Museum at Prairie Village and Ada Public Library in Ada, Red River Museum at Shelly and the Heritage Center in Twin Valley. Obituary lookup service is for those who are not from this area and are not able to visit the four sites where the obituary collections are housed.

The following volunteers may be contacted for lookups:

Margit – Eastern Norman County

Deb – Western Norman County

Roland – Civil War Veterans

We ask that you to limit the requests for look-ups to the following policy:

  • *Volunteers will provide no more than 5 lookups per request. Three requests per

    person will be honored for a total of 15 lookups.

  • *Lookups 1-5 are free.

  • *Each additional 5 lookups are $5 up to a total of 15 lookups per person.

  • *Volunteers must receive payment before lookups 6-10 and 11-15 will be done.

  • *Make money orders or personal checks payable to the Norman County

    Genealogy Society.

    Index and Obituary Policy

The items below are ALL needed for a lookup

BOOK Number
NAME of Person
PAGE Number

Contact Margit (Nysetvold) Bakke

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dealing with Brickwalls —

When you hit a brickwall, leave it alone for awhile. If possible, have someone new look at your information and maybe they can see something you cannot and have ideas that you have not thought about on where to look.
For 20 years I had a brickwall, with persistence and determination and lots of trips to Houston County of Minnesota, I broke the wall down. All I knew was that my great-grandfather was born in Valders and came to America as a small child. With that information and the help of many along the way, I finally found his christening record in Bergen, Norway. His mother was from Valdres, she was not married to the father, she went to Bergen and gave birth to him and then they came to America.
Never be afraid to ask for help from others. There are many lists you can ask for help on at Rootsweb.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facebook and Norwegian Genealogy

If you are on Facebook, you should check out the two Norwegian Genealogy sites I have seen to join. There are many people willing to help on both pages:

Norwegian Genealogy

Norwegian Genealogy

If you find more, just let me know and I will post them.