Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Norman County, Minnesota

Obituary Look-Up Policy 2011

Norman County Genealogy Society members volunteer their time to provide obituary look-ups. Obituary collections are available at the following sites in Norman County: Log Museum at Prairie Village and Ada Public Library in Ada, Red River Museum at Shelly and the Heritage Center in Twin Valley. Obituary lookup service is for those who are not from this area and are not able to visit the four sites where the obituary collections are housed.

The following volunteers may be contacted for lookups:

Margit – Eastern Norman County margit@eot.com

Deb – Western Norman County dajacob@loretel.net

Roland – Civil War Veterans rlcarpe@gmail.com

We ask that you to limit the requests for look-ups to the following policy:

  • *Volunteers will provide no more than 5 lookups per request. Three requests per

    person will be honored for a total of 15 lookups.

  • *Lookups 1-5 are free.

  • *Each additional 5 lookups are $5 up to a total of 15 lookups per person.

  • *Volunteers must receive payment before lookups 6-10 and 11-15 will be done.

  • *Make money orders or personal checks payable to the Norman County

    Genealogy Society.

    Index and Obituary Policy

The items below are ALL needed for a lookup

BOOK Number
NAME of Person
PAGE Number

Contact Margit (Nysetvold) Bakke

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